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Liquid Shape Morph Tool

C4D Liquid Shape Morph
A useful tool to create a liquid Forms in Cinema 4D that can turn from one shape to another.
Quickly customize and animate your liquid shape.


In this QuickTip i will show you how to create liquid in Cinema 4D that can turn from one shape to another, using Metaball object, a very simple and good way to create a liquid shape in Cinema 4d.

I used MoGraph Cloner and Spline Effector to create a morph between two shapes, in this case, some typography, a slight movement is added using the Random Effector for a more animated and freeform liquid look.

Liquid Shape Morph Tool it allows you to create this process and effect easily, with this Tool you can create a liquid effect that will animate from one shape to another and allow you to customize your shapes easily.

Note: This tool is included for FREE! in HDRI Studio GENERATOR TOOL.

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