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Installation & Upgrade

1. How To Install

Transform makes complex animation simple in C4D without using keyframes. Use our built in presets or use or take control using our custom animation system. Make animating as easy as 1 2 3 with Transform.Install (“My3DFontTool_1-0.lib4d”)
Copy and paste this file into your Latest Cinema 4D install folder under library/browser…
2. Automatic Updates and Downloads
Get access to your software anywhere at any time with our new Updates Page. Now you can get a new download or update for the software you have purchased through us with less hassle.

Just enter your Transaction ID and the email you used to purchase your software and receive an email with links to everything you have ever purchased from us including free updates.

Set up your Font

1. How to Set up the Axis of Characters

2. How to Organizing Character Sets
You should arrange the letters in a specific order, started by the Small Letters (a to z) then the Numbers (0 to 9), Special Characters (? ! – , .) and end with the Capital Letters (A to Z).

It is not necessary to use this four Elements at a time “Small letters, Numbers, Special Characters & Capital Letters”, you can use only Small letters for example.

Extras: This option helps you to adapt this tool to your font, customize it according to your needs. You need to change this parameters depending to your font.

* if your font does not contain a special characters, you must uncheck the “Special Characters” case.

* if your font does not contain special characters & capital Letters, you must uncheck the “Special Characters & Capital Letters” case.

Below is a list of different examples, including their appropriate settings of “Extras” option (Click on the following links to view the images you want to see).

Scripts & Presets

1. Using the Hierarchy Node
In the first video, I illustrate how to use Object List Operator and Object Index, to streamline repetitive workflow when creating expressions.
You can also select multiple Texture tags and assign a material to all of them at the same time (see the second video to better understand the procedure).


2. Auto switch (Preset)
There is nothing more liberating than being able to animate in real time after taking a few steps to optimise your scene. This preset is the solution that will allow you to optimize your font.

Auto switch allow you to automatically disable all letters not used in your text to implement faster viewport handling.
How does it work?
1 – Copy and paste the Null object ” Condition [ – ] ” in each characters
2 – Open the XPresso Tag ” Condition [ – ] ” then add the Bend Deformer
3 – Link the output port of “Compare Node” with the input port Enabled of Bend deformer Node (Basic Properties/Enabled) see the picture below.

if (Output == False) {Disable Bend deformer} If not {Enable Bend deformer}

See the video below to better understand the procedure:
In the first part of this video I show you how to use this preset to automatically disable all Bend deformer which belongs to the unused character, using only the “Compare Node”. In the second part I show you how to use the “Condition Node” to automatically reduce the subdivision of unused character.

3. Dynamic Font (Preset)
In this video I show you how to use the Dynamic Font Preset.
Note: The C4D scene file “Broken_Numbers.c4d” is included in this tool! (located in the folder “Bonus_Stuff”)

    Additional Documentation

How To Fix Missing Textures
In this tutorial I’ll show you the quickest way to re-link missing textures in Cinema 4D.

How To Use Ground Font

Learn more about Ground FONT Here.


Support Forum

Use the Correct Forum Section
If your question relates to My3DFont Tool, then post your topic in the My3DFont Tool section. If your question is about another product, post it there. Questions placed in the wrong Forum may get overlooked.
One Post – One Question
If your original question gets answered, don’t use the same post to ask a different question. It may not get answered, since your post title won’t match what you are currently needing help with.
Follow-up with Your Solutions
If you find a solution to the problem, whether elsewhere or through these Forums, please post the solution so others can benefit from this collective pool of knowledge. You cared enough to post your problem, so, consider it a small way to “give back” to the Forums by posting the final solution. There’s nothing more disheartening than finding that thread where someone has the same problem you’re having but seeing the “Nevermind, I found the solution, thanks.”

If you have any questions concerning this Products, do not hesitate to create new topic Here.


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