8 Mar
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VFX Breakdown – Street Disaster

Street Disaster Scene VFX
I use Photoshop for Matte painting and for Camera mapping (Projection Man) in Cinema 4D, Compositing in After Effects.

  • Photo Source

New York Street Small
Water Street New York (1978) Photography By THOMAS STRUTH


  • Excellent! Can you do the tutorial how you did it?

    • Thanks!
      Probably, in my next tutorial.

    • When it will be released?

    • I don’t know, when I have free time.
      I hope it will be before the end of this month.

    • Thank you in advance!

  • Excellent travail. Merci pour les tutos, en espérant que le site s’étoffe davantage.

  • J’aime vraiment ton travail. Et comme le dit J.M “en espérant que tu es le temps d’étoffer le site.

    • Merci! dès que j’ai du temps libre je ferai des tuto et c’est avec un grand plaisir.

  • bien.

  • great work, thank you master

  • How did u animate the banner?

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