I create and animate this title in cinema 4d using MoText, then I made it editable. I use After Effects to composite image sequences rendered from C4D.


Matte Painting & Texture images prepared in Photoshop
Trapcode Particular & Mojo for Color Correction
Footage – Action Movie Essentials – Video Copilot


Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. Live-action shooting for compositing is variously called “chroma key”, “blue screen”, “green screen” and other names. Today, most, though not all, compositing is achieved through digital image manipulation. Pre-digital compositing techniques, however, go back as far as the trick films of Georges Méliès in the late 19th century; and some are still in use. (wikipedia)

After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics application that allows users to animate, alter, and composite media and add effects both in 2D and 3D environments.

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