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  • Folding Title GENERATOR

  • This tool allow you to create great folding text effect. Fully automated system to easily generate and animate your folding title.
  •   The version 1.1 is now available! Watch Video.
  •   65 Materials + 25 Presets and many others functionality included
  •   Tested in C4D r12 and above

  • €45

  • My3DFont Tool

  • This tool allow you to create your own custom 3d font. Design your own unique font for company’s logos or Opening credits or for other uses.

  •   The Warrior Font is now available in our Font Page.
  •   Roman Ice & Ground Font Included
  •   Tested in C4D r12 and above (Studio version)

  • €30

  • Solid To Liquid Tool

  • This tool allow you to easily create a transitioning effect of solid to liquid form. You can also create a demolition or destructive effect as well, using the same physics as the liquid effect and few other functionality.
  •   Studio Kit + 24 Spline presets included
  •   Tested in C4D r13 and above (Studio version)

  • €49

  • Volumetric Wireframe GEN

  • Volumetric Wireframe GENERATOR allow you to create a volumetric wireframes from selected objects, and control things like wire and object color, wire thickness and a few other handy attributes.
  •   Studio + MORPH preset Included
  •   Tested in C4D r12 and above

  • €24

  • Volume Pixel GENERATOR

  • These tools allow you to convert any image or video and text to volume pixel, and many others functionality.
  •   6 presets + 4 Tools Included
    Preset :
    Cam Switch, Circle Wipe, Force Object, Liniaire Wipe, Sound Effector, Spline Effector

    Tools :
    Volume Pixel Generator, Image Mosaic Generator, Texel Generator, Matrix text Effect
  •   Tested in C4D r13 and above

  • €40


  • HDRi Studio GENERATOR is a useful tool that allows you to generate your own studio HDR images.
  •   3 Custom Light Types & BG Stand Included
  •   Tested in C4D r12 and above

  • €24.99

  • Liquid Shape Morph

  • A useful tool to create a liquid Forms in Cinema 4D that can turn from one shape to another.
  •   4 HDRI Images Included
  •   Tested in C4D r12 and above

  • €09.50

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