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SOLID TO LIQUID: V1.5 New Features!

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Here is our new demo reel for Solid To Liquid Tool featuring new effects and animations made with the latest version v1.5. This is our biggest update to Solid To Liquid ever.

Geometry Integration

With this new feature you can use geometric objects such as ( sculptures, reliefs, character…). also offers you multiples parameters to easily control your animation. You no longer need keyframes to build out your animation, all transition parameters are automated. then you will be able to make adjustments that much quicker on a tight deadline.

You can choose between two modes in this new feature
  1. Normal mode: contrary to the “dynamic mode” this mode does not support “Bubble and Metaball object”,
    but it contain a few more new options.
    In this mode you have two types of transition (Linear & Fading).
  2. Dynamic mode: employs the same principle as “Text, Presets & Custom modes”.
    As its name suggests, it supports dynamic objects.

Normal Mode

Dynamic Mode

stl_culpture_small stl_horse_small


Version 1.5.6 July 23, 2021
* Fixed Cinema 4D S22, S23 & S24 Compatibility.
* New New product licensing and installer system.
Version 1.5.5 December 22, 2019
* Fixed Cinema 4D R21 Compatibility
Version 1.5.4 May 13, 2019
* Improvement The Mini Studio
* Improvement Optimization of our Licensing system (The Products Authorize and Update system)
Version 1.5.3 September 26, 2018
* Fixed Cinema 4D R20 Compatibility
Version 1.5.2  (Upgrade)February 10, 2017
* New New product installer, to quickly and easily update your product.
* Fixed Bug fixed in the "Geometry Mode"
* Improvement Some improvements in the "Mini Studio"
* Many improvements and bug fixes in the Computer authorization system,
for a better optimization.
Version 1.5.1 October 26, 2016
* Fixed Cinema 4D R18 Compatibility
* Added Henceforth you can run Solid To Liquid from the menu Plugins.
Path : Menu Plugins > MF3DP > Solid To Liquid
* Added Reset All Button (Reset all settings to their default values).
* Fixed Geometry mode - Auto disable mettaball and bubble Button in Normal mode.
* Included Geometry mode - Added Bigman 02 object as default geometry.
* Improvement Geometry mode - To use your own geometry, just drop your object under the Connect object [Your Geometry Here!] in the Object Manager.
* Fixed Bug fixed in transition helper.
* Added Computer authorization system.
If you have a licence One Computer you can't use Solid To Liquid on more than one computer. So, you need to buy more license to be able to use this product on more then one computer.

We included a new menu "Check for Update", also an Auto-check for product updates, if there is new update you will be notified imediately.
* Improvement Many other improvements and bug fixes.
Version 1.5.0  (Upgrade)January 27, 2015
  New Feature Geometry Integration
* Improvement added new option in Metaball & Bubble options "Volume distribution"
* Fixed Bug henceforth the "Multicolors" option work properly ( in Bubble options )