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The whole of the old version of My3DFont was rebuilt and re-imagined for a wider use and ability to generate unlimited text & kerning. This is the all-new My3DFont 2.0.

Design your own unique 3d font for company’s logos or Opening credits or for other uses. Once you have typeset each individual letter of your new 3D typeface, you can simply start typing the words you need by using My3DFont just like MoText object. And then you can easily fine-tune spacing and kerning and many other features.

My3DFont 2.0 Overview :


The kerning is more easier to use. Users now benefit from an even faster and easier workflow using an intuitive interface.

Unlimited Text & Kerning

Yes. The maximum number of text and kerning that you can generate is unlimited.

Manage your font as you wish!

To increase workflow the entire Extras Options has been automated to the maximum extent to increase flows. Now you will not need to group your characters (letters, number and punctuation) in specific order.

Multi-Language Support

In contrast to the preceding version, which was limited to only Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters (upper- and lower-case), number and punctuation. This version support for all characters of any language.

What’s Included?

Roman Ice Font


Ground Font


Mac & PC Compatible
R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19 & R20 (Studio & Broadcast versions).

Plug-in License

The product is available in single user and multi users license.
A single license of My3DFont can be installed on 1 workstation and 1 personal system such as a laptop or home computer. Please read our License Agreement for more information.

Free Update For Current Users

If you currently own My3DFont or own a bundle that includes it go on our Update Page with your transaction ID and the email you used to purchase your version of My3DFont, then you should get an email with a free upgrade.
Buy NOW For only €59.00

Online Article

I saw this article on theautomator.tv about the work by Dan Pierse on The Exorcist, an American anthology horror supernatural drama television series that debuted on Fox on 2016.
From the Article:
Because of the production needs of banging out dozens of cards for different cuts, a solution was needed to avoid having to typeset each individual letter in 3D.  We came across a plug-in for Cinema 4D called My3DFont Tool. I had to model each individual letter, number and punctuation and group them together in a specific order.  Once completed, the script referenced that group and it was possible to start typing just like MoText but with the 3D geometry….pretty badass!”

Neon Tube Alphabet

Ahmed Kamel offers a free download to his Neon Tube Alphabet which contains whole alphabet in light up neon tubes. It’s the neon tube font that we have used in the demo video above.
Check out Ahmed Kamel’s Free 3D typeface here.

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