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Introducing My3DFont 2.0

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The whole of the old version of My3DFont was rebuilt and re-imagined for a wider use and ability to generate unlimited text & kerning. This is the all-new My3DFont 2.0.

Design your own unique 3d font for company’s logos or Opening credits or for other uses. Once you have typeset each individual letter of your new 3D typeface, you can simply start typing the words you need by using My3DFont just like MoText object. And then you can easily fine-tune spacing and kerning and many other features.

My3DFont 2.0 Overview :


The kerning is more easier to use. Users now benefit from an even faster and easier workflow using an intuitive interface.

Unlimited Text & Kerning

Yes. The maximum number of text and kerning that you can generate is unlimited.

Manage your font as you wish!

To increase workflow the entire Extras Options has been automated to the maximum extent to increase flows. Now you will not need to group your characters (letters, number and punctuation) in specific order.

Multi-Language Support

In contrast to the preceding version, which was limited to only Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters (upper- and lower-case), number and punctuation. This version support for all characters of any language.

What’s Included?

Roman Ice Font


Ground Font


Mac & PC Compatible
R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19 & R20 (Studio & Broadcast versions).

Plug-in License

The product is available in single user and multi users license.
A single license of My3DFont can be installed on 1 workstation and 1 personal system such as a laptop or home computer. Please read our License Agreement for more information.

Free Update For Current Users

If you currently own My3DFont or own a bundle that includes it go on our Update Page with your transaction ID and the email you used to purchase your version of My3DFont, then you should get an email with a free upgrade.
Buy NOW For only €59.00

Online Article

I saw this article on theautomator.tv about the work by Dan Pierse on The Exorcist, an American anthology horror supernatural drama television series that debuted on Fox on 2016.
From the Article:
Because of the production needs of banging out dozens of cards for different cuts, a solution was needed to avoid having to typeset each individual letter in 3D.  We came across a plug-in for Cinema 4D called My3DFont Tool. I had to model each individual letter, number and punctuation and group them together in a specific order.  Once completed, the script referenced that group and it was possible to start typing just like MoText but with the 3D geometry….pretty badass!”

Neon Tube Alphabet

Ahmed Kamel offers a free download to his Neon Tube Alphabet which contains whole alphabet in light up neon tubes. It’s the neon tube font that we have used in the demo video above.
Check out Ahmed Kamel’s Free 3D typeface here.


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In this tutorial, I show you how to create fantastic folding text effects using Folding Title GENERATOR, also I show you how to use the free preset included.

What is Folding Title GENERATOR?

Folding Title Generator is a new Cinema 4D tool, that allow you to create great folding text effect.
This tool is based around three key components:

  • Effector: Specially developed to easily animate the folding effect.
  • Layer System: Fully automated system to generate multiple layers superimposed one behind the other, you can create an infinite number of layer.
  • Global Duplication system: To easily managing complex projects.

Easy Title Animation

Animate your title just by moving the Effector. Depending on your needs, this Effector offer you four useful options (Falloff, Unfold Fade, Step and “Invert” option to reverse the direction of Effector).

Bevel Mode

The bevel mode is supported only with Cinema 4D R16 and higher, because in this mode we’ve used the Bevel Deformer, That is not included in the previous versions of cinema 4d.
Folding Title GENERATOR - Bevel Mode Screenshot preview
Note: In the previous versions of cinema 4d all options are included except the Bevel Mode.

What's New in Folding Title GENERATOR v1.1


We included 15 presets help you speed up your workflow. We have also added 10 other extra preset, designed for Cinema 4D version 16 and higher (image below). However, you can use it with the other versions of C4D but the "Bevel" parameters are not included.

Folding Title GENERATOR - All Presets

Folding Title GENERATOR - Preset 1 PreviewFolding Title GENERATOR - Preset 2 PreviewFolding Title GENERATOR - Preset 3 Preview


What’s Included?

  • Mini Studio Kit to light your scene.
  • Effector – Specially developed for this tool
  • 25 Presets – Generate a complex title with a simple click
  • 65 Advanced Materials
  • Cel Material Generator – Watch the video tutorial
  • Sci-Fi Title – Template
  • QuickTips – How to use Object Buffers with tool
  • Free Customer Support

The Requirements

Folding Title GENERATOR requires Cinema 4D Version 12 and above.
NOTE: Folding Title is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R16 and above.

Price: €45.00

Solid To Liquid Tool – For CINEMA 4D

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n this Quick Tips, I demonstrate the use of Solid To Liquid Tool, showing how it can be employed using different parameters.

Solid To Liquid Version 1.5 Quick-tip

Solid To Liquid Tool

Allow you to easily create a transitioning effect of solid to liquid form and few other functionality.

  • Choose between three different shape modes which include text, preset, or custom.
  • Two different transitioning modes allowing you to set step or melt for the transition effect.
  • The “Auto Animate” option that creates animation without the use of any keyframes at all.

The Solid To Liquid Tool can also be used to create a demolition or destructive effect as well, using the same physics as the liquid effect.


The Requirements

CINEMA 4D R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19 & R20 (Studio version).
How to check your version?

NOTE: MoGraph module and Sub-polygon displacement Required, show the list of all modules used.
Here the comparison chart : https://www.maxon.net/en/products/infosites/product-comparison/

What’s Included?

Changelog & Update History

Version 1.5.6 July 23, 2021
* Fixed Cinema 4D S22, S23 & S24 Compatibility.
* New New product licensing and installer system.
Version 1.5.5 December 22, 2019
* Fixed Cinema 4D R21 Compatibility
Version 1.5.4 May 13, 2019
* Improvement The Mini Studio
* Improvement Optimization of our Licensing system (The Products Authorize and Update system)
Version 1.5.3 September 26, 2018
* Fixed Cinema 4D R20 Compatibility
Version 1.5.2  (Upgrade)February 10, 2017
* New New product installer, to quickly and easily update your product.
* Fixed Bug fixed in the "Geometry Mode"
* Improvement Some improvements in the "Mini Studio"
* Many improvements and bug fixes in the Computer authorization system,
for a better optimization.
Version 1.5.1 October 26, 2016
* Fixed Cinema 4D R18 Compatibility
* Added Henceforth you can run Solid To Liquid from the menu Plugins.
Path : Menu Plugins > MF3DP > Solid To Liquid
* Added Reset All Button (Reset all settings to their default values).
* Fixed Geometry mode - Auto disable mettaball and bubble Button in Normal mode.
* Included Geometry mode - Added Bigman 02 object as default geometry.
* Improvement Geometry mode - To use your own geometry, just drop your object under the Connect object [Your Geometry Here!] in the Object Manager.
* Fixed Bug fixed in transition helper.
* Added Computer authorization system.
If you have a licence One Computer you can't use Solid To Liquid on more than one computer. So, you need to buy more license to be able to use this product on more then one computer.

We included a new menu "Check for Update", also an Auto-check for product updates, if there is new update you will be notified imediately.
* Improvement Many other improvements and bug fixes.
Version 1.5.0  (Upgrade)January 27, 2015
  New Feature Geometry Integration
* Improvement added new option in Metaball & Bubble options "Volume distribution"
* Fixed Bug henceforth the "Multicolors" option work properly ( in Bubble options )

Volumetric Wireframe GENERATOR Tool For C4D

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This quick tip covers the Volumetric Wireframe Generator, a tool that helps you to easily create a volumetric wireframe in Cinema 4D. Also I demonstrates the use of this tool, showing how it can be employed using a few different techniques and objects.

Volumetric Wireframe GENERATOR

Allows you to create a volumetric wire-frames from selected objects, and control things like wire and object color, wire thickness and a few other handy attributes.

The Requirements.

Tested in CINEMA 4D R12, R13, R14, R15 & R16.
NOTE: MoGraph module Required. Visit this page to check if this module is included in your version of CINEMA 4D

What’s Included?

MORPH Preset, Studio, Volumetric Wireframe GENERATOR Tool.

environment studio vwg_icon