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In this tutorial, I show you how to create fantastic folding text effects using Folding Title GENERATOR, also I show you how to use the free preset included.

What is Folding Title GENERATOR?

Folding Title Generator is a new Cinema 4D tool, that allow you to create great folding text effect.
This tool is based around three key components:

  • Effector: Specially developed to easily animate the folding effect.
  • Layer System: Fully automated system to generate multiple layers superimposed one behind the other, you can create an infinite number of layer.
  • Global Duplication system: To easily managing complex projects.

Easy Title Animation

Animate your title just by moving the Effector. Depending on your needs, this Effector offer you four useful options (Falloff, Unfold Fade, Step and “Invert” option to reverse the direction of Effector).

Bevel Mode

The bevel mode is supported only with Cinema 4D R16 and higher, because in this mode we’ve used the Bevel Deformer, That is not included in the previous versions of cinema 4d.
Folding Title GENERATOR - Bevel Mode Screenshot preview
Note: In the previous versions of cinema 4d all options are included except the Bevel Mode.

What's New in Folding Title GENERATOR v1.1


We included 15 presets help you speed up your workflow. We have also added 10 other extra preset, designed for Cinema 4D version 16 and higher (image below). However, you can use it with the other versions of C4D but the "Bevel" parameters are not included.

Folding Title GENERATOR - All Presets

Folding Title GENERATOR - Preset 1 PreviewFolding Title GENERATOR - Preset 2 PreviewFolding Title GENERATOR - Preset 3 Preview


What’s Included?

  • Mini Studio Kit to light your scene.
  • Effector – Specially developed for this tool
  • 25 Presets – Generate a complex title with a simple click
  • 65 Advanced Materials
  • Cel Material Generator – Watch the video tutorial
  • Sci-Fi Title – Template
  • QuickTips – How to use Object Buffers with tool
  • Free Customer Support

The Requirements

Folding Title GENERATOR requires Cinema 4D Version 12 and above.
NOTE: Folding Title is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R16 and above.

Price: €45.00

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  • Michel Alpha says:

    Really incredible ! Get a strong urge to get this new plug for C4D as fast as possible ! Great ! Fantastic !

  • babloo says:

    Really incredible !I was looking for this for a long time….

  • Eksangha says:

    I saw this in my facebook timeline and I gave it a go ahead look.
    Interesting! It would be nice if it does Asian or other text beside conforming to just the English text only, otherwise, a more useful tools.
    Very nice work, Mustapha Fersaoui.

    • Hello,
      At present, there are only Latin script. However, I’m planning to do many extensions for this plugin
      For exemple:
      – Adding lowercase letter for Latin script (Free Update).
      – Extention for other language, the choice of language (alphabet) will be done depending on the demand (That will be sold separately).
      and many other improvements.

    • Paulo says:

      Ok, i’ll be waiting for new improvements.


    • Eksangha says:

      You said to fold from a different font would take too much time and have to sell it separately. Will folding from a polygon or spline be possible in your next version? I mean, this will eliminate the tedious time consuming to create the different font. I hope I put it correctly.

    • Hi,
      The folding system that i have used in this plugin does not permit to use a custom font. The solution would be to find new folding system, I will review this question in the second update, since the next update will be available in a few days.

  • Paulo says:

    Hi, congrats , nice work.

    I have a question since i already bought de plug-in, is that possible to change the font ?



    • Hi,
      Sorry, you can’t change the font with this plugin. However, we can create other fonts for this plugin. That requires a lot of time!
      if we make other font, they will be sold separately.
      Thank you for purchasing our product.

    • Paulo says:

      Hi Mustapha,

      I’m sure that it would help you to develop the plug-in and would be more interested in buying. For now, because the project is ongoing and almost finish, we would not need your effort to do so but thanks.

      Keep on the good work.

  • PH-Quentin says:

    Thanks for the tutorial

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