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In this Quick Tips video I will show you how to use My3DFont Tool. For more detailed video tutorials please check the Documentation Page.

My3DFont Tool

Allow you to create your own custom 3d font. Design your own unique font for company’s logos or Opening credits or for other uses. If you have a specific font design in mind and, after looking at hundreds of fonts, you’ve concluded that you’d have to make your own lettering to get exactly what you want.

Your typeface might comprise of a limited set of characters because it’s for a particular project or personal use. However if your aim is for it to be used by other designers, for a variety of projects, then it needs to be flexible and have a broad character set. This would generally include small letters, numbers, special characters and capital letters, to adapt your font to this tool, you need to use the Extras option.

Let you quickly and easily use your 3d fonts

Here is one of the major advantages of this tool, once you have create the typeface, you can start typing your words. You can then fine-tune spacing and kerning and many other special features.

Roman Ice & Ground Fonts Included!


Warrior Font are available now! Get it Here!

The Requirements.

CINEMA 4D R12 to R19 (Studio version).
How to check your version?

What’s Included?

    1. My3DFont Tool
    2. Roman Ice Font & Ice Background Template
    3. Ground Font
    4. Pixel Art Font
    5. Studio Kit easily customizable
    6. Two scripts (Auto-Switch & Dynamyc Font “preset”)
    7. Bonus Stuff (Pixel Art Font Custom uv map & C4D scene file “Broken_Numbers.c4d”)
    8. Documentation
    9. Warrior Fonts Not Included!

Font Section

You’ll find free and paid fonts in this section. Soon, you can shares your fonts here!
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Detailed Documentation

My3DFont tool is delivered with very detailed documentation, describing all settings, containing screenshots & vidéo tutorial to all of the options and also examples of usage.

The Version 2.0 of My3DFont is Now Available!

The whole of the old version of My3DFont was rebuilt and re-imagined for a wider use and ability to generate unlimited text & kerning.
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