28 Nov
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Free Studio Kit for Cinema 4D

3 Custom Light Types & Background Stand

You get everything you need to properly light a scene in a studio setting. Lights come rigged with targets to help you light quickly and easily. The nice backdrop is also ready to go so you can quickly place your logo or type for really cool results.

Contains: Octagon Softbox, Giraffe Softbox, LED Neon Tube (Customizable).
Note: Tested in CINEMA 4D R12, R13, R14 & R15




  • Thankyou Mustapha so much for providing this free Cinema 4D lighting props and scene, this will really add to the realism of my studio shots.

  • Thank you very much, it’s good for my C4D animations French. This is much better than my english

  • Wow, such a great package!
    Thank you so much for sharing this, that’s really super cool of you Mustapha ! ;)

    May i ask you one thing though, why didn’t you include a target slot in the “Giraffe Softbox” as you did in the “Octagon Softbox” ?
    The Giraffe does not even have a rotational feature of any kind, was it done on purpose?

    • Thanks!

      The Target Object is not very practical with Giraffe softbox,
      the Giraffe softbox it’s very easy to handle using her control panel.

      Note: I willingly clamped the SoftBox, so that it remains parallel to the Floor.

    • ” I willingly clamped…”
      yep, that’s acutally why i was asking

  • thank you
    it’s good

    but i have a question
    i change “octagon softbox” / Luminance color
    No response
    how to change color

    • I tested it on r12 and above, everything works great and there are no problems. If the problem persists test with different version of CINEMA 4D.

  • Thanks! Great little setups!

  • Thanks! New to cinema and what really make a good scen is the lightning, great stuff!

  • Thanks this is very nice light studio kit

  • Thanks Mustapha, great rig!

  • hey, great work mate, im wondering to try it, but how is with mac os x, i have a small home render farm wich inclundes 2xmac pro and as i know it should be installed also on render nodes :) .
    any1 tried ?

  • Hey man, this is most generous of you. Most excellent build. Thank you very much!!! :)

  • Thanks very much for the kind words guys. Highly appreciated!

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Barekellahu fike! Selam from Bosnia….

  • This is a big dissapointment. It doesn’t even open in my rel 10.5 version of Cinema4d – the only one I have.
    Such a shame! I was really looking forward to trying this.

  • I have this light kit. But I dont know where I can find it inside of C4D. Please help where should I go in C4D to add them into the scene. Thank you.

    • Go in menu Window/ Content Browser/ Presets/ c4d studio accessory

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