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Wireframe Generator Tool For C4D – Free Download

This quick tip covers the Wireframe Render Generator, a tool for creating wireframe rendering in Cinema 4D easily. Wireframe Generator will allow you to create wireframes from selected objects, and control things like wire and object color, wire thickness and a few other handy attributes.

In this quick tip, I demonstrates the use of Wireframe Generator, showing how it can be employed using a few different techniques and objects in Cinema 4D.

The Displacement option will work only with r14 version.


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  • Sweeet time-saver!! Thank You!!

  • Powerful man ! thank you a lot !

  • Wow!!!..Thanx man!!, appreciated

  • very nice tool, thx a lot!

  • This is a great tool! Will it be possible to render Isoparms in the Pro Version?

  • what a wonderful work
    thank you brother

  • really great tool, mate
    it’s more then I’m looking for, thanks for sharing

  • Great tool thnx !

  • Not work with VrayforC4D. ;)

  • Looks really awesome :)

  • Super m8!!! Thank you!

  • Does it work with R15? Let me know

    • Yes, it works in R15.

    • well I am disagree, I have R15 and it crashed every time I try to use it. So I would say NO , it is NOT compatible with R15.

    • For me it works without any problem. But I just make a New Version
      Can you give me a return if it’s compatible now or not?
      Note: For R15 use Wireframe Render Generator (r13_r14_r15).c4d

    • Personally using R15 Lite Adobe CC on MacBook Pro, works perfectly fine with no issues.

  • Very useful! Thank you for doing this and releasing to the community!

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