12 Oct
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Tutorial #01 – VFX Rain Scene

In this tutorial we are going to create realistic  rain scene and  water reflection with Photoshop and After Effects.

Photo Source – Web Photo
Download Footage.

Part-1: Create a fake reflection car – Photoshop
Part-2: Preparing footage ( Drizzle & Fog) – After Effects
Part-3: Compositing – After Effects

  • Breakdown


  • Realistic view!

  • Great!!!! Very coool

  • Really great Tutorial!! Hope more to come!!

  • Wow, nicely done, lots of details in there and good to see there’s no need for special plugins to achieve good compositing. Looking forward to more tutorials.

    • a very touching comment, thank you!
      Tutorial #02 – Camera Mapping In CINEMA 4D is now available Here

  • Great Lesson! Thank a lot!!!

  • Mustapha FERSAOUI, Great tutorials all of your. sir i don’t understand one thing, how you Run the car and BG is still there. please let me know. i was looking for that many ware. Thanks once again for your helpful tutorials.

    • THX Monir,
      I work on an extension for this tutorial, about car animation.
      subscribe here for to be informed.

    • ok sir, i subscribed. please inform me. i am waiting……………..

  • Very very chulo

  • Crack!

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