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HDRi Studio GENERATOR for Cinema 4D

What is it?
A useful tool that allows you to generate your own studio HDR images.
Quickly generate your HDRI studio with realistic lights directly in Cinema 4D.
Studio Accessoires (Customizable) Included.
NOTE: All parameters is animatable.

What it’s NOT.
This is not a plugin. These tools work seamlessly with Cinema 4D. Just add the HDRi Studio Generator to your scene and all the controls are there to Create your  own Studio HDRI.

What’s Included?
Liquid Shape Morph TOOL
Studio Kit for Cinema 4D (customizable)

The Requirements.
Tested in CINEMA 4D R12, R13, R14 & R15

Quick Tip:

In this Quick Tip, I demonstrates the use of HDRi Studio GENERATOR, showing how it can be employed using different parameters.
Showing how to build your own HDRI image inside Cinema 4D. Using the bake texture tag you can make every Cinema 4D scene into a HDRI and use it for lighting with global illumination.

Save €5.99
The Liquid Shape Morph TOOL it’s included for FREE! in this tool.


  • A great job!
    Very useful.
    Just a “negative” comment: It would be better if we could animate all the elements in the scene; for exemple the walls (size, height…), the camera, etc…
    Could you do it?
    Thx for this good tool!


    • Problem is now fixed! All parameters is animatable.

  • merciiiiiiii sa fonctionne bien

    • Je suis content que ça vous a plu.
      Merci!! et bonne création.

  • Very good job, glad that i’ve bought…
    Très bon boulot, content d’avoir acheter…

  • Very nice. It is possible to make for Vray users also….?


    • Thanks!
      This tool has not been tested with Vray!

      Note: To Baking a HDRI Image this tool is optimized with
      Ambient Occlusion for a best & Fastest rendering.

      However, if you place your objects in the HDRI Studio, you can
      parametered the render settings like you want.

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    • Hi,
      What’s your Web Browser?
      Try with other Browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari…).

      Refer to the “Support” section for more details.
      If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    • Turned.

  • very nice tool look so good to work with
    but for bad luck iam 3Ds max user use C4d little times thanks for your work

    • Thank you for your kind comment!
      Cinema 4D easy to learn compared to 3ds max, good continuation!

  • Alors la je dis chapeaux ! Je n’ai pas encore acheter ce produit, mais cela ne vas pas tarder, très grand travail, felicitations!!!

    • Merci Stephane, pour votre sympathiques commentaires.

  • Your work is super Trade! Only the tutorials are much too fast to follow us all right!


  • Parfait travail et ça fait gagner tu temps.
    Bravo Si Mostapha.

  • Salut je voudrai telecharger la formation HDRI STUDIO GENERATOR version francaise mais pas de
    visa card je prefere vous faire un virement bancaire.

    • I accept a Western Union payment.
      Refer to the “Support” section for more details.

  • Hi,
    I tested this product in c4d r15 and i found that the camera doesn’t work (instead you can use the rotate tool to move around) that’s the only real big issue for me, but even with this, i must say this is a great product and i love it! and i think this product has much more potential!
    Suggestions: 1.Release HDRi Studio GENERATOR V2 (now with vray integration, texture integration, better camera options and rendering)
    2. Free upgrade for owners of the hdri studio generator.
    3. New tutorials


    • Hi,
      I just retest this toul, I haven’t problem with the camera rotations. I used the panel “camera” Take a look at the picture below:

      I have taken good note of your suggestions and I thank you very much.
      I remain at your disposal for any further details.

    • Thanks for you reply, now it works super well!
      Again, congratulations on this fantastic product!

  • Very good

  • Have you added the ability to key frame within ?

    Very nice tool , I will purchase if the values can be keyed .

    Thank you

  • Thanks , learning how to use it now : >)

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