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How to convert any image to Pixel Art in Cinema 4D

By Tutorial 4 Comments

In this Quick Tip I show you how to create pixel art from image in Cinema 4D. It’s a simple process using some Shader effector, Cloner and Xpresso.


Project Files

Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools

A complete solution to convert any image or video and text to volume pixel, and also they help you to generate mosaic image and generate “matrix” text effect.
Learn More about this Tool

Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools For Cinema 4D

By Tutorial 31 Comments

In this Quick Tip, I demonstrate the use of Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools, showing how it can be employed using different parameters and how to use the different presets Included.

Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools

Contains a large palette of tools for CINEMA 4D. These tools allow you to convert any image or video and text to volume pixel, and also they help you to generate mosaic image and generate “matrix” text effect.

All those tools can support dynamic body, as well as effectors and forces. They offer many possibilities to animate your scene.

  1. Volume Pixel Generator: Quicker and easier this tool allows you to generate volume pixel from an image or video.
  2. Image Mosaic Generator: This tool enables you to create amazing mosaics from your digital pictures in a very easy way.
  3. Texel Generator: Converts a text to volume pixel.
  4. Matrix text Effect Generator: Convert quickly an image or video to matrix text effect or any text effect using customizable text characters.

The Requirements.
Compatible with Cinema 4D R18 and later.

What’s Included?
6 presets are included with these tools : Cam Switch, Circle Wipe, Force Object, Liniaire Wipe, Sound Effector, Spline Effector



Changelog & Update History

Version 2.0.0 September 01, 2021
* UPGRADE Compatibility with Cinema 4D R21, R22, R23 & R24 and many improvements
Version 1.1.8 January 28, 2020
* Fixed Cinema 4D R21 Compatibility
Version 1.1.7 July 22, 2019
* Fixed Cinema 4D R20 Compatibility
* Improvement Texel GENERATOR Optimized
Version 1.1.6 May 13, 2019
* Added Mini Studio
* Improvement Optimization of our Licensing system (The Products Authorize and Update system)
Version 1.1.5 February 10, 2017
* New New product installer, to quickly and easily update your product.
* Improvement Added new option "Default Camera"
* Many improvements and bug fixes in the Computer authorization system,
for a better optimization.
Version 1.1.0 November 03, 2016
* Fixed Cinema 4D R18 Compatibility
* Added Henceforth you can run Volume Pixel GENERATOR, Texel, Mosaic, Matrix and all the associated presets from the menu Plugins.
Path : Menu Plugins > MF3DP > Volume Pixel GENERATOR Screenshot
* Improvement
Volume Pixel GEN
Mosaic GEN
Matrix Text Art
New menu "File" (to make the interface more ergonomic, we have separate the "File" option from "Basic Options" menu to a new menu.) Screenshot
* Added
Volume Pixel GEN
Mosaic GEN
Matrix Text Art
Unlock Ratio new option added When you decrease the ratio value to a lower value (value less than 2, for example), you risk to crash Cinema 4D! depending on the performance of your computer.
So, for this reason that we have added this new option. Screenshot
* Added
Volume Pixel GEN
Mosaic GEN
Matrix Text Art
Texel GEN
Presets Effectors & Presets Forces features. These two new features, allow you to easily add all effectors or forces from preset, with one simple "drag & drop". Screenshot
* Added
Matrix Text Effect
Show Used Image option (To show the used image in the Viewport as a preview)
* Improvement
Texel Generator
Auto adjust width & height Screenshot
* Added Computer authorization system.
If you have a licence One Computer you can't use Solid To Liquid on more than one computer. So, you need to buy more license to be able to use this product on more then one computer. Screenshot

We included a new menu "Check for Update", also an Auto-check for product updates, if there is new update you will be notified imediately. Screenshot
* Added Reset All Button (Reset all settings to their default values)
* Improvement Interface improvement to make it more ergonomic.
* Improvement Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Studio Kit for Cinema 4D – Free Download

By Download, Tutorial 98 Comments

In this Quick Tip, I demonstrate the use of this Cinema 4D Kit, showing how to employed the different parameters.

Render Settings

3 Custom Light Types & Background Stand Included

You get everything you need to properly light a scene in a studio setting. Lights come rigged with targets to help you light quickly and easily. The nice backdrop is also ready to go so you can quickly place your logo or type for really cool results.

Contains: Octagon Soft-box, Giraffe Soft-box, LED Neon Tube (Customizable).
Note: Tested only in CINEMA 4D R12, R13, R14 & R15


HDRi Studio GENERATOR Tool For Cinema 4D

By Tutorial 56 Comments

In this Quick Tip, I demonstrates the use of HDRi Studio GENERATOR, showing how it can be employed using different parameters.Showing how to build your own HDRI image inside Cinema 4D. Using the bake texture tag you can make every Cinema 4D scene into a HDRI and use it for lighting with global illumination.

Use the HDRi Studio GENERATOR Without Baking a HDRI Image

You can use this studio without baking the HDRI, this method will requir the enabling the Global Illumination option in the Render Settings. (watch the video below)



What is it?

A useful tool that allows you to generate your own studio HDR images.
Quickly generate your HDRI studio with realistic lights directly in Cinema 4D.

NOTE: All parameters is animatable.

What it’s NOT.

This is not a plugin. These tools work seamlessly with Cinema 4D. Just add the HDRi Studio Generator to your scene and all the controls are there to Create your  own Studio HDRI.

What’s Included?

Studio Generator for Cinema 4D
3 Custom Light Types & Background Stand

The Requirements.